Byte of… Linsen & Spätzle!

Thanks to a short break between our finals, we had the chance to meet up for a first discussion of this year’s game design. For that, we decided to meet in a Brauhaus for a typically German meal (Linsen & Spätzle) – and, of course, the obligatory beer, a must in a Brauhaus (though our youngest team member had apple juice, as he is not yet of legal drinking age in Germany).


The holy trinity


We spent hours talking about the task and defining the challenges and our notes have come to reflect it. From the general organization and sponsoring to the robot game, we have made huge process. After a general discussion, we have agreed on a strategy and robot design. Now we just have to start building to see if it’s going to work out!



But of course we also had fun together eating ice cream and visiting a movie festival taking place in Stuttgart!


A team photo on one of the most famous places in Stuttgart