Idea: Rope Bridge for the Fuel Cubes

Date: May 7, 2018

Members Attending: Alexis, Kira, Robert

Mechanism: Fuel-Cubes


Here is an idea that Alexis had for putting the fuel-cubes into the combustion-plant.

Our robot builds a bridge between itself and the combustion-plant using a rope. Then the robot extends above that of the plant. If the rope is taut, the cubes can slide down this bridge straight into the plant.

One problem with this is tautening the rope. However this could be solved using a bit of elastic medical tubing and a potentiometer. The medical tubing pulls the potentiometer one way. Only when the rope is taut, will there be a force acting against it and the potentiometer will show a different value.

  • complicated
  • uneccessary
  • against the rules, since the anchor of the rope would be outside the field perimeter
  • entanglement
  • fast cube delivery
  • ultimate farming machine

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