Proof of Concept: Fuel Cube Collector

Date: June 13, 2018

Members Attending: Eylert, Kira, Lynn

Mechanism: Fuel Cube Collector

Todo: Attach extension of pulley-belt mechanism
Tilt slope
Improve front wheels
Think of thought-through and beautiful assembly

Today we attached the pulley-belt mechanism to the chassis.

From the side: Pulley belt mechanism attached to the chassis

The slope is 60 degrees. We will probably need less in the finished construction. However proving that it will work with this slope assures us that it will work for less steep ones as well.

For testing purposes the motor was attached directly to the pulley-wheel.

Motor attached to the pulley-wheel

The distance between the pulley-wheels is 19.5cm. The pitch between the big wheels in the front is 23.5cm.


Whole robot with the fuel cube collector

Since this is a proof of concept it is very wobbly and very ugly. The extrusions are connected together without much thought and also without cutting them. However after testing we are able to decide, whether to build it anew, a pursue a different idea.

Testing it we found out, that collecting the cubes when they are inserted parallel to the robot works very well and reliably. However trying to collect them when they are diagonal to the robot jams our collector. One solution might be to use a spring-like mechanism with the medical tubing for the front wheels after all.

Also we will need to make sure that the whole slope can be tilted to adjust the height. Additionally we also need to attach the extension of the pulley belt for a proof of concept. The front wheels need to be improved as well.

After testing these things we can move to design and stability.

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