Building Om-Nom: Our Front Fuel Cube Collector

Date: June 14, 2018

Members Attending: Alexis, Kira, Robert

Mechanism: Om Nom, Fuel Cube Collector


Today we improved our front for the fuel cube collector. Previously, we had just mounted wheels on two motors on the frame directly. However the problem was pulling in cubes diagonally. We have thought about an arm tensioned by rubber bands/medical tubing.

Calculating the distance between the wheels

Sketch of the general idea

Afterwards we built a prototype, that did not use the right dimensions yet.


Prototype of the mechanism from the top. The rubber bands are red


Joint from the side

It worked great and reliably when we tested it.

The next step was to mount it to the frame of the robot. We inserted a little extrusion between the extrusions holding the wheels. To this we attached the angle bracket.

Single om-nom wheel attached to the frame
Om-nom mechanism from the top

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