Testing Servo Joints for the Back of the Fuel Cube Collector

Date: June 15, 2018

Members Attending: Kira

Mechanism: Fuel Cube Collector, Conveyor

Todo: Join both ramps

The ramps on which the fuel cubes will be transported to the goals needs to be longer than 50cm, so we will need something capable of unfolding.

For this we tested out several ways to build a joint with a servo. Some of them are more reliable than others, but sometimes require more space and material.

The first idea is built using the servo shaft adapter. The servo is simply mounted onto one extrusions and the other is connected by a hex-shaft and hex-pillow.

This is the most simple joint one can build, and it doesn’t require much space. However it is a bit flimsy and probably not enough for the rather big weight it must be able to lift.

Joint using servo shaft adapter

The second idea was using a servo horn and attaching the moving extrusion to that.

This is less flimsy than using the servo shaft adapter and also requires less space.

Joint using servo horn

Another idea is to build something akin to the gripper included in the kit. We started building it, but soon realised that despite working, it was probably not worth the trouble and went against the principle of simplicity.

Joint that resembles the gripper

Last but not least, we built something based on the very first idea with the servo shaft adapter. However we strengthened it with additional bearing pillows.

This is still rather simple to build, but much stronger than the flimsy version without the additional pillow.

Joint using servo shaft adapter and pillow for support

As for building a joint with a motor, we have thought of something like this.

Sketch of joint with motor

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