Prototyping the Back of the Fuel Cube Collector: Conveyor

Date: June 16, 2018

Members Attending: Alexis, Kira, Robert

Mechanism: Conveyor, Fuel Cube Collector

Todo: Build second ramp, attach joint
Attach to frame

After having proved that our mechanism for the fuel cube collector using the pulleys works, we decided to build a better designed and stronger prototype.

The general idea for the construction sketched out in the picture below.

Sketch of the frame

For this we first had to plan out the construction. We wanted to drive one conveyor belt with one motors. For this we planned on connecting both sides with a chain underneath that runs underneath the cubes. The pulleys are mounted underneath the topmost extrusion to make building a joint easier.

Plan for one conveyor. The second one is supposed to be attached at the left joint.

For testing purposes, we first built it without cutting the extrusions and connecting them with lap-corner-brackets.

Conveyor from the top. Cubes will be transported from left to right
Conveyor from the back. Sprocket is attached under the gears.

We tested this out and it worked quite well. The next step will be to cut the extrusions to the right length and build the frame with 90 degree brackets instead of lap-corners. After building two frames of this kind, we will have to join them, and then mount them to the frame.

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