Collecting Ideas for the Fuel Cubes

Date: June 20, 2018

Members Attending: Alexis, Eylert, Kira, Lynn, Robert, Sylvia

Mechanism: Fuel-Cube-Collector

Todo: Decide which mechanism to build

Up until now we have been trying to build a extendable ramp with polycord for lifting the fuel cubes to the goals. However in the mean time new ideas have sprung up, all of which we discussed extensively.

The Ramp

The ramp is the idea that we have been building so far. But instead of making the whole thing extensible, we have thought of accelerating the cubes at the end of the first ramp fast enough to shoot them into the goals. We would still use an extension, but it will only be a guide for the cubes.

The Airport-Box

The ramp is a bit inefficient, because it lifts the cubes up continously. However that is not really necessary, since we can only handle three cubes at once anyway. To lift three cubes at once, we have thought of putting them on a platform with our om-nom-collector. Then we could lift the whole platform up at once using linear-slides.

The Soccer-Bot

One problem that we have is the three cube limit. The distance between collecting the cubes and the goal will be about 6m. This means that the robot either has to be really fast, or that we need a workaround for the three cube limit. One way to approach this would be to build a mechanism, that slides the cubes to the front of the goal. Then we would be able to farm the cubes and put them all in front of the goal, while staying at one spot. Afterwards, we would move to the goal once, and collect the cubes again and put them into the goal.

One mechanism could be build using something akin to a foot shooting a ball.

Another would use two wheels like in the om-nom-collector, but faster. They would then accelerate the cube and slide it over the ground.


For our decision, we made a table in which we judged the different mechanisms in seven categories.

Hit Rate****************

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