Scoring App

We’re finally launching our Scoring App!

It’ll run on any Android 4.4 or higher and is designed to allow everyone to quickly score points.

You can download the APK here:

Or build it yourself by downloading the code from GitHub:

As we are not official Google Play developers, you’ll need to activate installing apps from unknown sources. Then just download the linked APK, tap on the file and install!

Functionality that we want to add in the future include an option for saving scores and their summaries, and maybe an option for printing.

See below for more technical details.

With our team having several years of experience with roboters, we already knew how to program Java. The Android API is gratefully quite easy to learn. Especially when you only have one Activity (one window).

Designing the user interface took a bit longer than expected. We started out with something that was functional, to be sure that we had gotten the hang of the API and then continued to think about ways to make the user experience more intuitive. As of now, it should be quite clear, what each button does and fast scoring during a match should not be a problem.

The Android API works by having Buttons trigger a function, which you’ll have to implement in the main class of the Activity. To make sure that we would not have to write functions for every single solar panel, we used an array to save the information about them. Also every time a button is clicked the score is not automatically increased, but rather it is saved whether something has been scored or not.

Then we have a function that uses all the information about what has been scored and what not and calculates a score.

If you want to see the code for yourself (everything might be easier to understand by reading the code) check out our GitHub.