Attaching the Solar Panel Picker to our Frame

Date: July 11, 2018

Members Attending: Kira

Mechanism: Solar Panel Picker


Yesterday and today we spent our time attaching the Solar Panel Picker to our frame. The challenge here was to build something that would lie flush against the ground but also not take up too much space in the robot. That is why we decided to build a loose joint in addition to the one driven by the servo.

Sketch for attaching the solar panel picker to the frame

We started by proving our concept and attaching the picker to a servo using uncut extrusions. They are far too big, but enough to see whether our idea would work or not.

Proof of concept for attaching the solar panel picker
Proof of concept with the picker pulled in

Since this was far too wobbly we went on to attach two further extrusions parallel to the ones driven by the motor.

Attaching parallel extrusions to stabelise the construction

This already worked quite well. (We tested it out and wrote a little program for it) However it was still slightly wobbly and the extrusions needed to be cut to the right length. We did all that today. Now it is quite sturdy and looks a lot sleeker.

Finished attachment of the solar panel picker
Solar panel picker pulled in

2 Replies to “Attaching the Solar Panel Picker to our Frame”

    1. Thank you! We are still working on the details, but it should work reliably and quickly without dropping any panels. There will be updates soon!

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