Attaching the Fuel-Cube Conveyor to our Frame

Date: July 13, 2018

Members Attending: Kira, Lynn, Robert

Mechanism: Fuel-Cube-Conveyor

Todo: Find a solution for diagonal cubes

After lots of discussion we finally decided to follow the KISS principle (Keep it Simpel Stupid) and build the conveyor belt mechanism after all.

We started by attaching the extrusions in an angle of 60 degrees to the frame. However the original frame is too far apart. That is why we calculated the needed offset of the conveyor extrusions and cut small aluminium pieces to accomodate for that. Additionally we cut smaller pieces to insert between the upper and the lower extrusion.

Extrusions of the conveyor attached to the frame (showing only one side)

Parallel to the lower and upper extrusion, we then inserted another extrusion. Here we want to attach another pillow bearing, to stabelise the axle to which the pulley is attached.

Small parallel extrusion for stability

Next came the attachment of the extendable ramp. The extendable ramp is just a guide on which the cubes are shot towards the goal. Since we don’t have enough servo horns, we decided to build it using the servo shaft adapter. This also enables us to use one long axle that goas from one side to the other.

Joint using a servo
Ramp from the backside. The shorter aluminium extrusions currently pointing down can be moved by the servo

We then continued with attaching the pulleys and cutting the polycord. We decided to just cut it in half and tension everything later.

Ramp with pulleys and polycord attached

For driving this, we geared a Hex Motor 3:2. The side with the motor is driven using gears, while the opposite is driven using sprockets and a chain. Since gears reverse the rotation but sprockets do not, the two different sides rotate opposite to each other (as we want it to).

Ramp from the backside showing the gears and sprockets to drive the pulleys

Since we didn’t want to cut the polycord just yet we thought of a provisional way of tensioning them. For this we just use another pulley that is attached to an extrusion running orthorgonally to the one were the original pulleys are mounted. This is quick to build and does not interfere with any other mechanisms on our robot.

Tensioning the polycord

Everything works beautifully and reliably when the cubes are collected orthogonally. However when they are inserted into omnom diagonally they usually get stuck between omnom and the conveyor.

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