Time for Strategy

Date: July 13, 2018

Members Attending: Alexis, Eylert, Kira, Lynn



Now that our robot is slowly assuming shape, it’s time to start thinking about driving! As such, we have planned how exactly we would utilize the gamepads in order to find the most efficient solution for driving.

Since driving is one of the main tasks, we have decided that one driver would entirely focus on the task and we would design their gamepad differently.

Another question was what kind of drive we would utilize in programming. After a short discussion about the advantages of each and the preferences of our drivers, we have decided on a tank drive. Its efficiency and focus on details were the factors that mattered most to us, combined with its simple control through the gamepad sticks.

We are also including a toggle switch for the driver to switch to a slowed-down mode for improved precision when it comes to maneuvering the robot in smaller spaces and picking up the cubes.

The second driver doesn’t have any driving mechanisms on their gamepad, considering the various different mechanisms that need to be operated while the robot is in motion.

It looks so simple… and yet there is quite some strategy involved

For a variety of tasks, we wanted to use toggle switches. These include our driving, but also out cube elevator and the cube collector we dubbed “Om Nom”. Here we were thinking of both an on/off switch as well as a reverse direction toggle. We’re going to put the reverse direction toggle on the bumpers of the gamepad, and the on/off toggles on the triggers.

We won’t use a toggle switch for our shooting mechanism, as we fear we won’t have sufficient control over the time of shooting and as such, sufficient aim. That’s why we want to put the button on the red B, as it is comfortable for the second driver to reach and hold down.

Our twisting mechanism for the wind turbine is going to be on the X button, so it won’t be triggered accidentally, though it might still change in the future.

More important is the positioning of our solar panel mechanism, what we are going to put on the D-pad, since we will need four different positions for it, though three of them will probably be sufficient in most cases. As such the D-pad is the most comfortable location for the driver, and we are going to put the opening of our panel collector on another not yet decided button.

All of these might be subject to change though, depending on our trial and error testing phase.

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