Attaching to Shooter to the Frame and Changing our Conveyor

Date: July 26, 2018

Members Attending: Alexis, Eylert, Kira, Lynn

Mechanism: Fuel-Cube-Shooter, Fuel-Cube-Conveyor


For attaching the shooter to the frame, we first needed to make some changes to the frame itself.

Drawing for building the frame to which to attach the conveyor and the shooting wheels. Shows the side

Finished construction of the conveyor and shooter. Shows the side

Attaching the wheels and the gears was fairly easy, the only challenge was adjusting the distances between the wheels.

However attaching this mechanism required us to move the motor of our conveyor further down. We thus decided to drive both sides of the polycord conveyor using chains.

Motor of the conveyor, attached to the right side of the robot
Showing the chains from the back

Since the motor of the shooter was in the way of the polycord, we had to attach spacers under the pulleys.

Alexis working on the almost finished conveyor mechanism

Testing this we found out that the shooting wheels were too far apart when the polycord was adjusted correctly. To solve this we put 3mm spacers under the pillow bearings of the pulleys.

Pillow bearing with spacers underneath

Also to fixate the distance between the left and the right side we decided to attach a U-formed construction to the top.

Showing the conveyor and shooter. The U-formed structure is provisional

This works fairly well and reliably! Next we’ll need to attach more structural support and complete the wiring.

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