Improving the Conveyor, Adding Structural Support and Building the Wind Turbine Rotator

Date: July 27, 2018

Members Attending: Eylert, Kira, Lynn

Mechanism: Fuel-Cube-Conveyor, Wind-Turbine

Todo: Wiring
Cutting polycord and sheets for conveyor

Improving the Conveyor

After testing a few days ago, we saw a few things that were not going as well as we want them with the fuel cube conveyor. One thing was the conveyor pressing the cubes into the shooter when it was not supposed to do this. That is why we decided to put a stopper into the conveyor. It is a servo with a rod attached to it. At first we had a problem with the cubes being pushed over the rod but we solved it by lowering the bar (in the U) above the conveyor.

Servo with rod attached
Shooter and conveyor from the top with the stopper servo behind it

Another issue was the motor running very hot when we used our conveyor. It was geared 2.6:1 previously. We decided to change that put in a gear ratio of 1.7:1. This should make it slightly slower and require less torque.

Motor, gears and sprockets driving the conveyor

Adding Structural Support

For our structural support we thought about boxing our robot in as shown in the sketch below. Also we wanted to reinforce the chassis and the ramp. For the ramp we thought about attaching extrusions to the side and then connecting them to the outside box.

Sketching the ideas for adding structural support

However we soon noticed that the backmost extrusions of the box were probably unneccessary. Also we changed the chassis and the connecting of the chassis with the ramp quite a bit. The ramp was currently attached to extrusions that run parallel to the chassis and that were connected to it as two points. We decided to cut longer extrusions and connect them to the back of the chassis as well. Also we inserted a extrusion running parallel to the back of the chassis.

Sketch of actual structural support added
Robot from the side
Robot from the front
Robot from the top

The robot is now much less wobbly. We really recommend doing this if you have extrusions left.

Building the Wind Turbine Rotator

For the wind turbine rotator we wanted to go for something simple and reliable. We decided to use a T-formed mechanism that is rotated by a servo. Another problem we had to solve was getting this mechanism to stick outside of the robot in order to reach the wind turbine. For this we attached another servo.

Wind turbine rotator

For attaching the extrusions to the servo, we screwed a long screw into the extrusion and then cut off the head of the screw. This enabled us to screw the extrusion onto the servo.




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