Discussing T-Shirts, Buttons and our Pit Design

Date: August 1, 2018

Members Attending: Alexis, Eylert, Kira, Lynn

Issues: Organisation

Summary of Past:


Mexico is moving ever closer and it’s time to start thinking about other things than our robot.


The first thing we discussed was our costumes and our t-shirts on which we will print our sponsors.

As for costumes we want to go for something traditional. And tradition means Oktoberfest (a festival particularly famous in Southern Germany, especially Stuttgart and Munich!), and Tracht. Tracht is the German word for traditional clothes, which in our region are Dirndl and Lederhose, a special type of dress and pants made of leather. While the tradition of Tracht reaches back a long time, they are still worn today to special occasions like the Oktoberfest.

During the competition we want to wear one of two styles: Either golden suspenders with red bowties and a black t-shirt. Or we’ll wear a golden fedora hat. Additionally we want to put our sponsors on buttons.


Our Pit

Since FIRST Global offers us the chance to decorate the pit after a few guidelines, we were thinking of putting up a few informational posters. We wanted to have one explaining our robot design and the way it functions, another one about Germany, our school and our team. There will also be a poster dedicated to our supporters, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to participate!

As for decoration, we were thinking of a chain of lights for a bit of a highlight on our robot box, where our robot will spend its time away from the training fields and actual matches.

We also want to bring an assortment of cultural food and various buttons for other teams to collect, since sharing has been a major part of last year’s competition. Especially the diverse food of all the different teams is always a highlight!



Since our school is closing down for the summer holidays, we will have to move our entire workspace by the end of the week. While it will be quite a challenge to move our entire equipment plus our robot through the public transportation system of Stuttgart, we will also be packing the essentials we will be bringing to Mexico City in August already.

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