Let’s talk Strategy

Date: August 10, 2018

Members Attending: Alexis, Eylert, Kira, Lynn, Robert, Sylvia,

Issues: Projects

Summary of Past: Discussing strategies for our robot


Strategy is vital in this game. Mechanisms might work wonderfully on their own, but in the end it will be strategy and coopertition with your alliance that will decide the winner.

This is where our strategy sheet comes in. The sheet makes it a lot easier to discuss strategies with your alliance partners and decide who will do what and when. Filling every field ensures that  you forget nothing and play a smooth and fun match with your partners! We hope this not only helps you guys plan a match but also gives a very quick overview of everything that must be done for team discussions.

Download the Sheet here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1enKQFLxQ7GaED9P8_NWc33kZGkq-Jcbkelel3T_9LSc

Additionally we obviously also thought about strategies we can do with our robot. First of all we thought about the strengths and weaknesses of our robot. Our robot is quite fast with the solar panels and also reliable at delivering fuel cubes to the high goal of the combustion plant. The windmill turner also works quite well and delivering power cubes should not be a problem. However our mechanism for the reaction plant is not as reliable as we would like it to be.

Since we think that most robots will be able to do the windmill turner, we are planning on focusing on the solar panels, as they give the most points. The reaction plant we will probably only fill if there are many robots (including the opposing alliances) on the field who are able to fill it. The fuel cubes we see more as a way to fill the remaining time, should there be any. Also we definitely want to get the coopertition bonus. In it self it should not be too hard getting a powerline cube to the opposing power station, however it will require communication with the opponents beforehand.

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