About Us

What brought this team together was our shared passion for robots and technology. Although that is not only thing that defines us. We are diverse in culture, gender and age, all coming together to express our love for technology, build robots and most importantly: Have fun. We are Team Germany from Stuttgart, the center of the German automobile industry. Our school the Königin-Katharina-Stift has had FTC teams for nearly a decade and has this year hosted the only German FTC Invitational.
With some of our team members having already participated in FIRST Global, we are truly excited to pass on the inspiration that the event has instilled in us. All of us are looking forward to a great event and meeting all of you this year in August. See you in Mexico!

Team Germany in Washington saying hello to A. Lincoln.

You can find us on:

Facebook: FIRST Global – Team Germany

Or write an email to team@firstglobalgermany.de