FTC Stuttgart Invitational In Our School

Since the FTC Paderborn Invitational shut down a few years ago, there hasn’t been a German FTC competition. We have been wanting to change that for a few years, and after participating twice in the FTC World Final and talking to many people from FIRST, we actually hosted our own competition.

Thanks to our connections to other teams built during the years before and a scrimmage held in 2017, we were able to summon 13 teams that competed for a ticket to the World Final in Detroit. Two of them were rookie teams from our school we coached over the last years and we were happy to see them competing alongside teams from all over Germany, some even from the US.

Hosting the competition gave us a different perspective, since we all participated in various roles as volunteers. From referee to robot inspector, we were constantly busy by the huge amount of tasks that needed to be done at any given moment. But it was all worth it when the first robot matches started running in our gym and the atmosphere of competition set in!

Our very own FTC Stuttgart Invitational!


This is a German news article about the event, in case you are interested: